How to use the ellybank™   kit:


Story books


  • Read the story books for your child
  • After each story, there is an activity and glossary section.  These are simple suggestions.  Please feel free to make your activity sessions as fun and creative as possible so that it becomes memorable for your child.
  • Point out the different colours on the illustrations




  • The charts can be written on with a whiteboard marker or an ordinary ball point pen.  The charts are re-usable.  Use a damp cloth to wipe off any writing.
  • My Budget Chart is an early accounting system for your child.  It introduces the concept of money planning, accountability and goal setting. 
  • My Work  and Earn Chart is a child’s first experience with a salary…..teach your child to value their jobs and money by effective planning, allocation and distribution of the money that they earn through entrepreneurship or employment.
  • The charts are designed to effectively eliminate the payday to payday phenomena experienced in our current economy


Ellybank money box


  • Use the ellybank™ money box to re-enforce the message of saving at home and saving in a bank account.  Each ellybank™ has a plug on the underbelly.... try not bring attention to this plug.
  • The ellybank also aids with fine motor development in early childhood
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